Military MAN HX2 UTF 6x6 5t Wechselpritschen


Hallo liebe Militaryfreunde, ein Modell der neuen Generation als 6x6 5t / 8x8 15t https://www.hoch-miniaturen.de/epages/78132456.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/78132456/Products/BW00208BS https://www.hoch-miniaturen.de/epages/78132456.sf/de_DE/...

Stadler sees success on six axles

Railway Gazette -

EUROPE: Stadler says that its family of six-axle diesel, electric and bi-mode Eurodual locomotives are ‘30 to 40% better in terms of track forces’ than ‘most of the four-axle locos in use around...


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